Welcome to Magik Web Services, where we mold aspiring designers and developers into digital artisans! At MWS we believe in crafting the future of the web through innovative design and cutting-edge development techniques. Whether you’re a beginner looking to dive into the world of web design or an experienced developer seeking to enhance your skills, we have the perfect program for you.


Since our inception in 2010, we have been at the forefront of innovation, constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing digital landscape. Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, reliability, and creativity, earning the trust of businesses large and small across diverse industries


At Magik Web Services, our vision is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to create captivating digital experiences. Through our training programs, we aim to cultivate a community of passionate and skilled web designers who will shape the future of the internet.


Our mission at Magik Web Services is to provide exceptional training and support to aspiring web designers, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving industry. Our ultimate goal is to be the premier destination for web design training, where innovation meets excellence, and dreams take flight.

Best php Training In Ambala

Web designers are in great demand around the world, especially so in the current times. We understand this increasing demand for web designers and developers in today’s world, and so, we at phptraininginambala  offer Web Designing Courses in Ambala to empower you with the fundamental skills you need to make a career in the sphere of Web Design. Our training equip you with a range of technologies that allow you to develop high quality interactive websites that work seamlessly across screens—mobiles, tablets, and web browsers. Here, students learn the process of designing a responsive website from scratch with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, php, WordPress, Figma and Photoshop for Web Design.

What We Will Teach You ?


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language which is used for creating attractive web pages with the help of styling, and which looks in a nice format on a web browser. An HTML document is made of many HTML tags and each HTML tag contains different content.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple design language intended to simplify the process of making web pages presentable. CSS is one important language for you to master in terms of styling your web pages.


JavaScript is a programming language that developers use to make interactive webpages. It update and change both HTML and CSS. You can start with a simple text editor such as Notepad.


PHP stands for ‘PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor’, with the original PHP within this standing for ‘Personal Home Page’. PHP is a open source scripting language. PHP scripts are executed on the server.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database. You can build hobby or lifestyle blogs, professional portfolios, business websites, e-commerce stores, mobile applications, and membership sites.


Figma is an interface design application that runs in the browser. It has plenty of tools to help you achieve your creative goals, regardless of whether you work on your own or with others.

What We Provide ?

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Instructors

Learn from industry professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise and helping you succeed.

Project-Based Learning

Dive into real-world projects that simulate the challenges you’ll face in your future career, allowing you to build a robust portfolio along the way.

Career Support

Gain access to our network of industry partners and receive assistance with resume building, job searching, and interview preparation to launch your career with confidence.

Your Dreams !

Whether you dream of designing beautiful user interfaces or developing powerful web applications, MWS will empower you to turn your passion for the web into a rewarding career. Join us and unlock your potential today!


Our Blogs

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of code, dissect the nuances of user experience, and celebrate the creativity that fuels innovation in web design and development.

Whether you’re here to learn, share, or simply immerse yourself in the ever-evolving world of the web, we invite you to be part of our community and embark on this exciting journey with us.

Here, we delve into the art and science behind crafting captivating online experiences, exploring the latest trends, techniques, and technologies that shape the digital landscape.

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