Plugins are like building blocks for software applications and websites. They're designed to extend functionality, add new features, and customize....[Read More]
Before You Begin: Download: Ensure you have downloaded the backup file from your previous website or backup location. It should....[Read More]
Install and Activate the Plugin: Login to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.....[Read More]
A fresh WordPress dashboard, just after installation, offers core options to get you started with your website. Here's a breakdown:....[Read More]
Start XAMPP Control Panel: Locate the XAMPP icon in your system tray (usually near the clock) or find it in....[Read More]
Here's a detailed guide on updating WAMP while addressing the missing VC++ issue: Important Note: Updating WAMP can overwrite existing....[Read More]
XAMPP is a free and open-source software that creates a local web server environment on your computer. Think of it....[Read More]
Download the new phpMyAdmin: Head to the official phpMyAdmin downloads page Find a version that works with your WAMP's PHP....[Read More]
Step 1 Start WAMP in your system. If you don’t have WAMP or do not know about starting WAMP. Click....[Read More]
Installing WordPress on a Fresh System with WAMP Here's a guide on installing WordPress and running it on a fresh....[Read More]


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