Project 4: Array in for loop (Information of Students)

Array in for loop (Information of Students)

Arrays: Imagine an array as a list that holds multiple items. Each item has an index (like a position number) for easy access.

for Loop: A for loop is a programming construct that allows you to repeat a block of code a specific number of times.

Putting them together:

PHP Code

$fruits = [“apple”, “banana”, “orange”]; // Our array of fruits

for ($i = 0; $i < count($fruits); $i++) {

echo “I love to eat ” . $fruits[$i] . “!\n”; // Loop through each fruit


In this example:

  • $fruits is the array containing our fruit list.
  • The for loop iterates through the array.
    • $i acts as a counter, starting at 0 (first index).
    • The loop continues as long as $i is less than the number of items in the array (count($fruits)).
  • Inside the loop, we access each fruit using its index $i and print a message.

Here’s another example of multiple entries with a for loop array.


This is a basic example, but for loops can be powerful tools for processing elements within arrays in PHP


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