Project 5: Do While Array

Do-While Loop with Arrays:

This loop executes a block of code at least once, then continues to loop as long as a condition remains true. It’s particularly useful for processing arrays where you need to guarantee at least one iteration.


PHP Code

do {

  // Code to be executed (processes array elements)

  $condition; // Update condition variable

} while ($condition);


PHP Code

$fruits = [“apple”, “banana”, “orange”];

$i = 0;

do {

  echo $fruits[$i] . ” “;


} while ($i < count($fruits)); // Loop until all elements processed

Use code with caution.


Key Points:

  • The code within the do block executes at least once.
  • The while condition determines if the loop continues.
  • Update the condition variable within the loop.

This do-while loop iterates through the fruits array, printing each element and incrementing the counter ($i) until all elements are processed.

Here’s another example of Do-While Loop.



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