Upgrading the phpMyAdmin version in WAMP

1. Download the new phpMyAdmin:

  • Head to the official phpMyAdmin downloads page
  • Find a version that works with your WAMP’s PHP version (check your WAMP documentation if unsure).

  • Download the zip file.

2. Install the new phpMyAdmin :

  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Open your WAMP folder (usually C:\wamp64\) and find the apps folder inside.

  • Copy all the unzipped phpMyAdmin files and folders into the apps

3. Restart WAMP (optional):

  • Right-click the WAMP server icon in your system tray and choose “Restart All Services”.

4. Try the new phpMyAdmin:

  • If the new phpMyAdmin version is installed correctly, you should see the new interface.
Here’s the catch:

This doesn’t truly “change” the version. You’ve basically added a new phpMyAdmin alongside the existing one. You might still see the old version when launching from the WAMP menu.




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